8 Panel Privacy Screen

This privacy screen was commissioned for a very special friend of ours. She wanted something that would help break up the openness of her very open planned living home. 

The screens consists of 8 panels which are 1800mm tall and 500mm wide. In total there are 2 four panel screens used to span a 3 meter space.

The frames are made from sustainably produces radiata pine, and the screen insert panels are made from 3mm MDF. The frames were painstakingly thicknessed and routed in preparation for staining and finishing. 

The laser cut pattern is modeled from a river stone/voronoi theme which surrounds the tree of life positioned in the center of each panel.

The frames were then stained Japanese Black, and the inserts were left bare, leaving the burnt residue on the panel which is a byproduct of the laser cutting process. After final assembly of each panel, everything was given 3 coats of clear gloss to give the piece a glossy finish, and to help protect the timber,